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When you hear "engage your core" do you wonder if you're doing it "right"?

Join Angela in her signature class, Restore Your Core, to demystify YOUR core.

Having a strong and stable core is essential to having a healthy body. Angela breaks down the anatomy of your core in easy-to-understand language and movements. Expect lots of hands-on assists to help you gain a more integrated core!

In Restore Your Core, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively access your core muscles

  • Identify bad habits, such as overusing your low back or quads instead of your core

  • Learn how to integrate core work more consistently into your yoga practice

  • Strengthen your core even more with breath work and your pelvic floor

This class is suitable for all, including those with back pain, an unstable pelvis, or a diastasis recti. If core work confuses you, join us!  SIGN UP HERE