Teacher Training

Most teacher training programs tell you how to sequence for a pose, but do you know to sequence practical yoga for people with real-life bodies? 

That's what we do, that's our specialty, and teachers come from all over the world to get this expertise.

Our signature teacher-training program is Practical Yoga for Real Bodies. It's the bridge you need between learning to teach and teaching for real.  


Module 1: Applied Anatomy

As anyone who has taken class with us knows, we are passionate about anatomy and making anatomy accessible to all students.  Yoga is terrific opportunity to learn about our bodies, how they work, how they move, and construct unique-to-us, instruction manuals for ourselves both on and off the mat. 

In our Applied Anatomy module, you'll:

  • Develop a framework for applied anatomy for your own practice & your teaching voice
  • Deepen your anatomy confidence and knowledge by learning how to apply concepts like different contractions & planes of the body in your classes
  • Learn how to decode "anatomy-speak" so you can use it as a relevant teaching tool 
  • Develop a teaching eye to see anatomy in action since every body is unique in its movement patterns & habits

Module 2: Scaffolding, Sequencing, & Anatomy in Action

In this module we teach "how to" scaffold and sequence a yoga class in a safe, effective and educational way.

This is a critical module for aspiring and new teachers, as well as teachers whose teaching needs a boost of new information! By anchoring our core teaching module in this three-tiered approach, you can create impactful and unforgettable yoga and yoga-based experiences for your students.

The Three Tiers of Module 2: 

  • Scaffolding: Just as bones comprise the skeleton of the human body, a good scaffold in a classroom setting means a more impactful learning experience for your students, where your sequence and information can really stick. By creating a new teaching paradigm, you can then interweave information throughout your class that lays the groundwork for a learning experience that is empowering and educational for your students - and yourself.
  • Sequencing: In a yoga class, how poses are connected together is called a sequence. Learn how to connect anatomy, physiology, and classical and modern poses in a way that strengthens and supports your students bodies & nervous systems. We will delve into modern bodies that are affected by computers, sitting, carrying kids, etc and how to sequence so that you're healing your students bodies.
  • Applied Anatomy: Did you have a hard time with anatomy in your teacher training, or it's not your "thing"? Come study with us! We are known for making anatomy fun, real, and accessible. We bridge the gap between book anatomy and anatomy on the yoga mat. We'll teach you how to write a class plan to connect the anatomy dots; hone your teaching eye so you can instruct many different bodies in motion & when static, and how to pivot on a dime when your class plan isn't working out the way you hoped.

Saturdays 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Module 1 - Applied Anatomy  Winter 2018 module complete/Watch for late summer-early fall 2018 dates

Module 2- Scaffolding, Sequencing, & Anatomy in Action Saturday, April 21, 28/May 5, 12, 19

Module 3: June Dates TBA

Module 4: August Dates TBA

$745 per module

Modules may be taken separately or together to form an entire teacher training program.

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It takes a long time to become a good yoga teacher, and the skills required to command a room with confidence all too often remain underdeveloped. We help you to sharpen those skills and to find your own voice.

We're excited to share our 30+ years of combined teaching experience with you.  If you're looking for practical, real world, hands-on teaching skills and development, this training is for you.