Teacher Training


Props, Proportions, & People:

how to teach in the real world

Most teacher training programs tell you how to sequence for a pose, but do you know to sequence for people with real-life bodies? That's what we do, that's our specialty, and teachers come from all over the world to get this expertise.

Our signature teacher-training program is Props, Proportions, & People: How to Teach in the Real World. It's the bridge you need between learning to teach and teaching for real.  You'll learn how to:

  • Creatively use props beyond the blocks
  • Recognize your students' various proportions and teach to them, while understanding how they affect the way students move and feel
  • Cue in real, accessible language
  • Ground your sequencing in anatomy and movement
  • Teach different levels in the same room
  • Create a community and experience in each class that's meaningful to your students

Saturdays 3:00pm - 6:00pm

2017 Dates: November 11, December 2 (more coming in 2018)

December 2 focus: balancing poses 

For serious students and teachers. CEU's with Yoga Alliance available.

$75 per workshop

Visit the "workshops" tab in MBO to sign up. Or click on the button below! 


It takes a long time to become a good yoga teacher, and the skills required to command a room with confidence all too often remain underdeveloped. We help you to sharpen those skills and to find your own voice.

We're excited to share our 30+ years of combined teaching experience with you.  If you're looking for practical, real world, hands-on teaching skills and development, this training is for you.