Anatomy Academy: Functional movement training: feet/legs/core

Our Anatomy Academy is a unique education series for fitness professionals, teachers, and students who want to apply your knowledge of anatomy to real bodies in the real world, including your own! This series unlocks the anatomical secrets of the human body and brings book learning to life.

It’s one thing to learn something from a textbook. It’s quite another to use that learning when you have a real person in front of you.

How can you tell if someone isn’t activating a muscle they should?
How can you tell if someone is carrying an imbalance in their body?
How can you tell if someone is at risk of injury by the way they stand or move?

No one teaches you this stuff in most teacher trainings or certification programs.

We do.

We’ll help train your eye so that you’ll see things others can’t. You’ll know what to look for, how it feels in the body, when to made adjustments, and why.

In this series, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand your own body in a completely new way

  • Recognize small differences that have a big impact on a person’s health

  • Put together sequences, workouts, etc. in a form that makes anatomical sense

  • Spot telltale signs of asymmetries and structural vulnerabilities

  • Give hands-on assists for all different proportions

  • Take charge of your own health and be more proactive with your fitness

  • Help yourself and others get out of pain

  • Learn to give clear, effective instructions to cue your students and clients

When people turn to you for help, entrusting their body and health to you, it’s a big responsibility you take seriously. This special series empowers you to add a new dimension to your teaching and practice in a way that promotes that awesome responsibility.


It takes a long time to become a good yoga teacher, and the skills required to command a room with confidence all too often remain underdeveloped. We help you to sharpen those skills and to find your own voice.

We're excited to share our 30+ years of combined teaching experience with you.  If you're looking for practical, real world, hands-on teaching skills and development, this training is for you. 


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