Steph Creaturo


Steph’s goal as a teacher is to empower all people by teaching them anatomy in easy to understand terms and the importance of taking care of themselves at home. As she says, every student can (and should) find a practice that works for their own body. 

A self-confessed “anatomy nerd,” Steph is a pro at pinpointing what’s going on with your body, from the origin of that pain in your hip to that tightness in your psoas. Her 18 years of teaching experience translates into group classes that still feel personal and catered to each individual. (Some say she has eyes in the back of her head!) 

An E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and RRCA certified run coach, Steph is the co-founder of Mala — a fun, no-judgment community studio in Brooklyn — and the founder of Mala’s running department The Run Studio, an innovative, first-of-its-kind program designed for runners of all abilities. Combining her expertise in yoga and her passion for running, she created her popular Yoga for Runners series, with classes offered four times a week.

Angela Clark

Co-Founder & Director


Angela’s teaching emphasizes core connection and core strength. After the birth of her second daughter, Angela had a diastasis, which she healed on her own. Through this work, Angela incorporated her newfound obsession with the core into all of her classes. These days, Angela is a highly regarded post-natal fitness expert, and the go-to teacher if you need to find and feel your core. A former professional dancer, Angela has a love of movement and sequencing that comes from decades of anatomy and kinesiology study.

Each class you take with Angela is a carefully selected blend of movements achieving a grounded and complete whole. Deep structural alignment is the starting point, creating the foundation for a successful practice. From there, she makes way for subtle shifts of body and mind to help you find your own bases and pillars. She pays special attention to the different needs of different bodies, offering assistance and adaptations that are not found in any book, but are the result of her own study, practice, and wisdom.

Angela’s meditation philosophy is unconventional as well.  Because she knows how challenging the stillness of meditation can be, how intimidating it can be to walk into the studio to face your own silent thoughts and breathing, Angela is committed to making the practice accessible in a warm and friendly environment. There is no dogma or judgment. There are no “silly” questions, and any response or feeling is welcome. She offers tried-and-true techniques but is wholly adaptable to your needs.  Simply put, she wants to find what works for you.