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yoga for runners

The Yoga for Runners program at Mala Yoga offers quality, accessible, relatable programming for runners of all levels. I started the program with a Yoga for Runners series back in 2012. The response was so positive that I created a weekly Yoga for Runners class and a beginners program called Yogi to Runner. Since then, the program has grown to offer two weekly Yoga For Runners classes, specialty workshops, training plans from the 5k to marathon level, gait analysis, as well as the original running program for beginners. The goal of Yoga for Runners is for you to move healthier, run stronger, keep injuries at bay, and breathe better.

Yoga for Runners is rooted in anatomy and physiology. The more you know about your body, the better you can inform your decisions about your training, your form, your shoes, and so on. You can't outsource those decisions - only you will ever know how things feel in your body. That's a powerful place from which to connect to your running.

My class and program offerings are rooted in the interplay of mobility and stability. We stabilize what needs to be strong, mobilize what needs to be fluid, and create a learning environment for you to learn how your body, breath, and mind work. Having a strong mind is as important as having strong glutes!



Drop-in Classes:

I offer drop-in classes twice a week on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Yoga is a great compliment to running for many reasons. It works on all planes of the body, improves your mobility, challenges your balance, and aligns the bones at the deepest foundational levels of your body. We learn how to use breathing to develop sharper mental focus, stick with goals, and reset when things go awry during a race.

Coaching and Run/Yoga plans:

Customized training plans look at your running, yoga (including mental focus and breath work), and additional cross-training in the context of your running goals and your life responsibilities. These programs are available from the 5k level to the marathon. Plans include a detailed written run plan, gait analysis, and unlimited coaching to help you set and exceed your running goals. For details and pricing, please email info@malayoganyc.com.

Yogi to Runner:

Our first and most popular program is a great way to learn to run (or return to running) in a non-competitive, safe, and fun environment. You'll meet other runners, develop good cardiovascular health, learn about proper form and pacing, and use running to get healthier.


About Steph Creaturo

Steph co-founded Mala Yoga in 2007 because she was passionate about creating a yoga studio where people could feel comfortable taking their first yoga class and excited to come back for their second. A lifelong runner and RRCA-certified run coach, Steph created Mala's running program in 2012, combining yoga, anatomy education, and coaching to provide runners with holistic cross-training and "prehab" to support their running so they can move and feel better. She teaches her clients how to look at running in the context of the whole body and build optimal strength, mobility, and mental resilience. She runs, teaches, and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family and thinks the best day of the year is the New York City Marathon.