Rebuild Your Core

Whether you sit at a desk all day, just had a baby and are doing lots of #mommoves, or are looking to achieve a physical goal (like running a marathon) a strong, stable and dynamic core is needed at the center of it all. Here are some free videos to help guide you towards rebuilding your core to do all the activities you want and need to do in life!

Begin Here!

When it comes to rebuilding your core we need to start with breathing and connecting to the pelvic floor. This video explains why we start with the breath and how to begin to connect to your pelvic floor!

 Finding your pelvic floor

We get it! Sometimes connecting to the pelvic floor can be challenging. This video shows another way to work with connecting to the engagement of the pelvic floor through broader movement.

Linking your breath to your abs

Once you've got an idea about how the breath connects to your deep core you can use the breath to link the engagement of your transverse abs! This video explains how to begin making that connection!

Add a resistance band for more feedback

Core Engagement: trouble shooting vid 2