Meditation for Life

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We have so much to balance in our lives: work, family, friends, passions, chores — things we have to get done, and things we want to get to done. But what about finding time to sit and connect to your heart-mind? Too often that ends up low on your priority list. However, we believe it should be a priority, and there are many ways to make it one.

Although we're all different, we're not separate; we don't exist solely on our own in this world. It is human nature to seek out connections and camaraderie, and Mala's meditation practices and programs are designed specifically to help you strengthen your social bonds while cultivating new ones.



Guided meditation with facilitated time to ask questions and create a community of support for one another.

45 minutes Saturdays 1:30pm



Learning how to slow down so we don't miss the most important moments in our lives can be difficult.

This class is designed to help you do just that — wind down to allow your nervous system to move into a restful and grounded state of consciousness. 


We created our Meditation Program at Mala out of a deep desire to help people not only begin a meditation practice, but also to give them the tools to tackle the challenges that arise while sitting.

We'll show you how meditation and the awareness gained from this practice can happen anywhere. In fact, we believe that it’s the “ah-ha” moments “off the cushion” that are most informative and inspiring.

February_Meditation (1).jpg

 Led by Angela Clark, all programs run 2 to 3 weeks, and are offered throughout the year.

Meditation Retreats

Get out of the city for a few days and join us for one of our relaxing meditation retreats. These long weekends are a great opportunity to deepen your practice and connect with the incredible meditation community here at Mala.