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Mala: Yoga Run Core - formerly Mala Yoga - was founded in 2007 by Steph Creaturo and Angela Clark, who were passionate about creating a yoga studio where people could feel just as comfortable taking their first yoga class as making it a frequent destination — as a home for connecting your breath and physical exploration.  Today, Mala has evolved to a mainstay in the Brooklyn movement and fitness community, with an emphasis on education, empowerment, and functional application of movement in your daily lives.

Our goal is simple: customize the yoga practice so it works for YOU. And all aspects of you - your body, your mind, your breath, your life.  At Mala, we appreciate the process of yoga and learning about movement in equal measure with the nerdy aspects of how your tibia tracks with your femur.  This community is about growth, self-discovery, and the chance to build an instruction manual that makes the practice work for YOU. There is as much laughter as there is attention to alignment.  We believe in strength and stability first, both in your body & mind, before we focus on flexibility and mobility.  

We started this studio because we love to teach, and we pride ourselves on high-quality teaching. We pay close attention to our students, and the first thing we do is learn your name. We know who has tight hips, who has super-flexible shoulders, and who hyper-extends their knees.  We welcome you to join us to transform your practice.