Our Classes

Mala isn’t your typical yoga studio. Our Mala classes are designed to meet the needs of all our students, and we offer a wide variety of smart, well-sequenced classes grounded in anatomy that target strength, stability, core, and more. We also offer more traditional vinyasa flow classes alongside our Mala signature classes. 

Yoga Strength Classes

Get stronger in yoga classes available for athletes and non-athletes alike.


yoga for runners


What if we told you there was a way to run better, faster, and stronger that doesn't involve time at the gym or more miles on your legs? Yoga for Runners is an innovative stability- and mobility-focused class for runners and athletes of all levels and experience. Longtime yoga teachers and run coaches Steph Creaturo and Blakeney Schick take traditional yoga poses and push them one step further by providing assists and explaining the purpose behind each pose so you know exactly how they benefit your running. If you’re injured or want to remain injury-free, consider this an impromptu anatomy lesson about all the muscles you use on your daily run.  Yoga for Runners isn’t just about flexibility—it’s about discovering a new way to bulletproof your running.



Learn to integrate traditional yoga poses, strength work, and traditional meditation in a way that works for your body. This vigorous-to-hard class is appropriate for people who want to add a strength component to their yoga practice; athletes; people who want to learn to control their hyper mobility; and people leaving PT who are cleared for activity again. Basics and Intermediate offered. See the schedule for details.



Learn how to use your core more efficiently and effectively through targeted strength work in your yoga practice. We're going beyond the abdominals, looking at the whole core - from the knees to the shoulders! This class is appropriate for all levels, including post-partum, beginners, and those working with injuries.




Tight hips? Achy lower back? In this therapeutics-based class, we'll cultivate the strength, stability, and mobility needed to keep our shoulders, backs, and hips happy. This class is appropriate for all levels including beginners as well as runners. 


Yoga And Core Integration


This takes the core work that Angela is passionate about and integrates it into a yoga practice. Angela teaches you how to effectively isolate the core, and strengthen it statically. From this strength and awareness of your core, she then expands your knowledge to how the limbs are connected to the core through more dynamic movement. Please note there is weight-bearing on the hands in this class and resistance bands are used. Move through a smart, well-crafted sequence with mindful attention to alignment, breath and core.  

Yoga Fundamentals Classes

For everybody and every body.  All levels welcome.




In this 65-minute class we'll break down the fundamental poses of the yoga practice. This is a great class if you are newer to yoga, coming back after a long break, or are looking to make the transition to Basics / Intermediate classes. 



Have you been going to Basics for a while? Build on your foundation by learning new poses like inversion prep, and strengthening your ability to focus as you move into more complicated poses. Appropriate for students with at least 3-6 months of consistent practice.

Yoga Flow Classes

Sink into the restoring rhythm of breath and movement.



BRIANNA AGUILAR-AUSTIn + joAnna Ross + Alia Bisat

A moderately-paced vinyasa class that focuses on linking movement to breath. Thoughtful sequencing allows you to move mindfully through the poses, gaining deeper access to the physical body and focusing the mind. Be prepared to move for the majority of the practice!



Move through poses at a vigorous pace, often set to music. Elements may include any of the following: chanting, music, or spiritual dharma talks. Appropriate for those with at least one year of consistent yoga practice.

Restore Your Core Classes

Slow down and find your deep core muscles.

meditation retreat2.JPG

REstore Your Core


When you hear "engage your core" do you wonder if you're doing it "right"?

Join Angela in her signature class, Restore Your Core, to demystify how to use your core & connect the dots on how to REALLY engage your core.

Having a strong and stable core is essential to having a healthy body - and a yoga/fitness practice that keeps you healthy. Angela breaks down the anatomy of your core in easy to understand language and movements. Expect lots of hands-on assists to help you gain a stronger and more integrated core!

In Restore Your Core, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively access your core muscles
  • Figure out your unique patterns of core engagement and identify bad habits, like overusing your low back or quads, that show up instead of the core
  • Learn how to respond to common yoga and fitness cues that try to get you to engage your core
  • Integrate breathing & the pelvic floor to make your core even stronger 

This semi-private class is for anyone who is wanting to connect to their deep core muscles and suitable for all levels. This is workshop is suitable - and encouraged - for those who have daily back pain, an unstable pelvis, or have diastasis recti. If core work confuses you or feels mysterious - join us!