Our Classes

Steph and Angela are not your typical yoga teachers. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of all our students, and we offer a wide variety of smart, well-sequenced classes grounded in anatomy that target strength, stability, core, and more.


yoga for runners


What if we told you there was a way to run better, faster, and stronger that doesn't involve time at the gym or more miles on your legs? Yoga for Runners is an innovative stability- and mobility-focused class for runners and athletes of all levels and experience. Steph takes traditional yoga poses and pushes them one step further by providing assists and explaining the purpose behind each pose so you know exactly how they benefit your running. If you’re injured or want to remain injury-free, consider this an impromptu anatomy lesson about all the muscles you use on your daily run.  Yoga for Runners isn’t just about flexibility—it’s about discovering a new way to bulletproof your running.



Learn to integrate traditional yoga poses, strength work, and traditional meditation in a way that works for your body. This vigorous-to-hard class is appropriate for people who want to add a strength component to their yoga practice; athletes; people who want to learn to control their hyper mobility; and people leaving PT who are cleared for activity again. Basics and Intermediate offered. See the schedule for details.

strong & stable: the back


Learn how to use your core to support your back. Spun off from the ever popular Strong & Stable class, this class focuses on building strength in the entire back body, with particular attention paid to spinal stabilization, de-rounding the shoulders, and realigning the neck. A strong back is critical for being physically active and pain-free. Sitting all day puts added pressure on the internal organs and the soft tissue of the body - this can show up in breathing patterns that are less than optimal, digestive issues, headaches, pelvic floor issues, and back pain.

Yoga And Core Integration


This takes the core work that Angela is passionate about and integrates it into a yoga practice. Angela teaches you how to effectively isolate the core, and strengthen it statically. From this strength and awareness of your core, she then expands your knowledge to how the limbs are connected to the core through more dynamic movement. Please note there is weight-bearing on the hands in this class and resistance bands are used. Move through a smart, well-crafted sequence with mindful attention to alignment, breath and core.